Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Octave Mandolin Build, Part 2

The Soundboard Continued . . .
After cutting out the soundhole I added a piece of .080" x 1/4" black ABS binding to its inside rim. I used it, frankly, because it is what I had in the shop. Something with lesser height would have been easier to use, but it was no big deal in the end. Also, you would normally add a rosette or binding before installing the braces and/or tone bars. But since my soundboard cracked a bit, I felt I needed to glue and brace it before adding anything decorative. The binding was glued with medium CA, scraped and sanded. Here is what it looked like while I was working on it:

The Back
I followed a similar routine for the back as that for the soundboard. However, there were a couple of steps for the back that are not part of the soundboard bracing. First, I marked out the bracing pattern on the back, and then glued and clamped the center strip.

After the center strip dried, I carefully cut out the slots for the braces with a razor blade. When that was completed, I then cleaned out the dried glue with a chisel, and clamped on the braces. The next few pictures show the process.

When the braces dried I unclamped and scaloped the brace ends, and then added multiple coats of shellac to the center strip and braces.

Here is the soundboard and the back, ready to be glued to the sides.

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