Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Octave Mandolin Build, Part 6

Fitting, Gluing and Flush Routing the Soundboard
Like the back, I re-marked the center lines on the soundboard and then lightly dry clamped it to the neck and tail blocks.

I then marked where the braces and tone bars needed to be cut, as well as their positions on the sides, which I transfered to the kerf.

When everything was marked I then cut and chiseled the braces, tone bars and kerf.

Once everything was ready to go, I put a bead of glue on the kerf  (N.B., try not to spread too much, as you won't have a chance to wipe away any squeeze-out from the inside of the box). When the glue is adequately spread about, you can clamp the soundboard.

When the glue dried (I let it sit overnight before unclamping), I routed off the excess with a flush-cut bit as I did with the back.

Here is the box after I routed the overhang:

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